• Seat belts: All vehicles must have a minimum of OEM type lap belt system, securely mounted to frame or floor of vehicle.
  • Helmet: Required for convertibles, sunroofs, t-tops or open body cars; helmet must be Snell 2000 or newer (label inside of helmet is proof of certification).
  • Tires: Must have DOT tires, technical inspector must qualify tires (no tire defects, worn out tread, damaged tires, plugs, etc.).
  • Wheels: Hubcaps will be removed for inspectors who will check for loose or missing lug nuts and general condition of rims.
  • Batteries: Must be secured per OEM or minimum of two 3/8″ diameter bolts (no bungee cords, straps, string, etc.); if located in trunk must have cut off switch installed unless factory installed.
  • Exhaust: All cars must have mufflers and not be over max decibel reading determined & approved by technical inspector.
  • Nitrous: Bottles must be stamped to meet DOT (1,800 lb. standard); must be securely mounted (no bungee cords, straps).