With a FanVisionĀ® controller in your hand, you can access up to 8 in-car cameras, replays, a digital radio scanner, real-time statistics and more right from the track.

And since everything is delivered to you via a dedicated, trackside network, there is no downloading no buffering and no waiting. All the action arrives the moment it happens.

Rent or buy a FanVisionĀ® controller and go inside the action with:

  • Live race broadcast
  • 8 in-car cameras
  • Digital radio scanner
  • Instant Replays
  • High-quality audio
  • Driver updates and comparisons
  • Split screen or full screen options
  • Professional grade headphones available
  • Detailed driver stats and bios
  • Live stats for all race series
  • Track your favorite drivers
  • Championship standings
  • Race series results
  • Race schedule
  • Track information/maps
  • NASCARĀ® News and Twitter feeds