MIAMI- For more than 300 days a year, Homestead-Miami Speedway serves as the site of many special events, most notably Ford Championship Weekend. On Wednesday, the Speedway had the opportunity to host a group of United States Armed Forces servicemen who arrived at the track in a very unique way. More than 25 members combined from the United States Army Parachute Team, Golden Knights, as well as the United States Navy Parachute Team, The Leap Frogs, made a parachute jump out of an airplane and then glided onto Homestead-Miami Speedway’s start/finish line. 

“It was absolutely amazing,” said Sergeant 1st Class Kevin Presgraves of the Golden Knights. “The weather was beautiful, and we have been waiting for it all week. We were doing joint training this week, so we had the The Leap Frogs out here as well. We were really looking forward to this today and getting our new guys into Homestead-Miami Speedway so they could experience the concrete landing and a tighter landing zone than they’re used to.”

The jump was part of annual training for the groups, who are in the process of earning their stadium qualifications.

“The good thing is that our demos [at stadiums] usually last about five minutes,” said Special Operator 1st Class Brendan Peterson of The Leap Frogs. “So after we are finished jumping and the general public wants to ask us questions, we are able to answer them because that is what we are here to do.”

“We’re ambassadors of the Army,” said Presgraves. “When we jump into stadiums and land it’s usually the first time for the American public to reach out to us and say,  ‘Thank you for serving’. It’s truly an honor being part of the United States Army Parachute Team and to travel around the world as an ambassador of the Army.”