Push Racing Contest Shatters Guinness Book of Records of Distance Traveled on a Skateboard in 24 Hours

Board Up Productions, a lifestyle sport marketing agency based in South Florida, presented its most grueling action sports event with The Homestead-Miami Speedway 24 Hour Ultra Skate on Monday, January 7.

Challenging skaters to set a personal best or go for the world record, the Homestead-Miami Speedway 24 Hour Ultra Skate was organized to break the world record for distance traveled on a skateboard in a 24 hour time period.  Miami-Dade firefighter Andrew Andras set a new world record at 261.8 miles, and New Jersey native Colleen Pelech broke the female record at 167 miles on the track’s 2.2 mile infield road course.  Both records significantly improved previous marks.  Andras' effort was one of the most inspiring performances in sports history, his lap times continued to steadily improve throughout the 24 hour time period. He was determined to accomplish the record, almost "machine"-like.

The 24-Hour Ultraskate drew top skateboard talent from all over the world.  This marks the first time the event was held at Homestead-Miami Speedway.  The event’s vibe and atmosphere drew spectators, photographers, friends and family that would not sleep as they all had to witness the amazing feat which, arguably, ranks amongst one of the most difficult challenges in Sports.

"Today was a momentous occasion for the sport of long distance skateboarding --- or push racing as devotees affectionately call the art of ‘pushing’ their skateboards past the limits of normal humans," said Joner Strauss, event organizer and founder of the sports official governing body, The International Distance Skateboard Association (IDSA).

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Homestead-Miami Speedway
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